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Oojiemaflip News: Discounts; Verifying Products; Feedback

Verifying What We Sell

To ensure only the best quality products and suppliers are used, we purchase samples of products from our suppliers and use them ourselves. If the product is useful, good value for money and we are still using it after a few weeks, then it will be available in the store. We only sell products we use ourselves.  

First Order Discount

Use the code FIRSTPURCHASE2018 to get a 25% discount off the price of your first order. Only one per customer, and only applicable for the first order. Feel free to share far and wide.



We want to know how to improve the shopping experience for our customers if it goes wrong, and if it goes well, we'd love to share that with other people too.

It would be great to find out how long goods take to arrive to your country, and how you feel about the product.

We are also available to help should there be a major issue with your order and we will do our best to help resolve problems. 


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