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We keep running out of room in our MaxAir 8L bin!

 This Bin Rocks!  

I love this 8L MaxAir bin with its compostable bags and have been using it for several months now. It's increased the amount of waste we're composting at home without any extra effort, plus it's so nice and clean.

We're now composting so much that we've gone from one worm farm, to one worm farm and two compost bins. 

I've tried all manner of kitchen compost bins over the years, and this is the first one that hasn't been ditched after a few weeks, it's also the first one I'm happy to recommend, plus it's a lot less expensive than the metal bucket style bins.

The MaxAir bin is lightweight, easy to clean, smell free, and you don't need to maintain carbon filters. The bags you line the bin with are compostable so you just chuck the entire bag in the compost bin. No mess! Easy peasy! I am so impressed with this bin that it's being upgraded to the 10L version and am now waiting eagerly for the stock to arrive.

Get your own MaxAir 8L bin and see why it's so easy to use:

The 8L bins are available in the store for $12.99 each and the 8L biobag liners are $5.49 for a roll of 25.

There's also a combo deal where you can buy the bin with a roll of liner bags for $16.99.

Coming soon.... the 10L version:

Have a great week everyone,




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