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Welcome to Zero Waste Oojiemaflips

What's it all about? Zero Waste!

We were looking for products to help reduce our waste footprint and found them all over the place, but never in one place, so we decided to be helpful little destroyers of waste and make it easy for other people to find useful gadgets, thingymajigs, whatsits, doodads, and oojiemaflips. 

We're slowly adding products that we've found useful in some way when it comes to reducing waste output. Bear with us as we grow our inventory. We started with the important item, coffee, and this will keep us awake to find more cool items.

mmmm coffee

Very important oojiemaflip - coffee


We want to gather feedback and reviews on each of the products to help future Zero Waste Warriors know what is and isn't worth their time and money. Anything that regularly gets bad reviews is outa here!


We will only be using Shopify/Oberlo verified suppliers to provide our products and are working with suppliers in several countries who consistently meet shipping deadlines, provide quality products, and have received great feedback reviews from customers. This does mean that products ordered may arrive in multiple deliveries on different dates. We only work with companies who consistently provide fast, reliable shipments. The longest it should ever take is 30 days to arrive, but most should arrive faster. Check out the chart at the end of this post! All items will have tracking details sent to you so that you know where your items are and when they will arrive.

We tested out creating an order that contained 5 different suppliers in 3 countries, and our shipping costs remained good at $10 for the total order. 

NZ Stock

If a particular product is very popular, we will buy a supply of them to store locally and offer a choice of shipping from NZ. Coffee Pods are definitely on the list of items we will stock locally.

We will also be approaching companies in New Zealand to source locally manufactured products and services that we can offer.


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