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Sustainability Policy

We are an environmentally aware company and are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

Some impacts we are aware of and how we are trying to mitigate them:

  • Impact: The items we sell are imported direct from the manufacturers. This saves packaging and transport costs by buying in bulk and cutting out the middle man, however, it does involve overseas travel.
  • Mitigation:  To offset this we pledge 10% of profits towards purchasing carbon credits.
  • Impact: Some of the reusable coffee pods are made from plastic and the manufacturer states they are usable for up to 200 uses. Plastic is bad; an estimated 56 billion discarded coffee capsules in landfills around the World is worse.
  • Mitigation: The more we sell, the fewer pods there are in landfills. Careful use extends the life of the pods. We have been destruction testing some of the pods and so far have been running the same set of 6 pods for 9 months. They are looking somewhat the worse for wear, their rubber seals have degraded horribly, but they *are* still working. One of the pods we have purposefully damaged, even this one has been successfully making coffee for the past 6 months. We have a ToDo: Find a local manufacturer who is able to make the pods using bio friendly plastics. Let us know if you or someone you know is able to do this. 
  • Impact: Post and Packaging has plastic, tape, sticky labels, ink… none of this is great.
  • Mitigation: We use compostable address labels, tape, and courier packaging from NZ based R3. If for some reason we need larger packaging, we have a large stash of boxes from items we’ve received and we re-use these as much as possible. FYI: The standard cellulose tape that has been around for donkeys years is compostable. Cellulose is a plant starch. Be careful with the glue though, some manufacturers may not use eco-friendly sticky stuff.
  • Impact: Printing: Paper and ink are compostable, however, ink can contain some nasty chemicals, and some paper is made from cutting down trees that are not regularly renewed.
  • Mitigation: We use paper that is either made from reusable resources or recycled, and as we love the worms in our worm farm and compost bins and don’t want to poison them, we use earth friendly ink. We are currently obtaining quotes from NZ based environmentally aware printing companies for our product packaging, leaflets, and promotional materials. FYI: Here in NZ we have lots of renewable pine forests. Trees are a big industry here and as such are carefully farmed to ensure there are always new trees replacing the old.
  • Impact: Local travel to markets, clients, suppliers. We currently use our existing 21 year old petrol car.
  • Mitigation: The car is serviced 6 monthly to ensure it is as efficient as possible. We want to move to an electric vehicle as soon as we can afford to do so.