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Halo Pacamara - 100% Compostable Nespresso Capsules

Halo Pacamara - 100% Compostable Nespresso Capsules

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Single Origin

Plum, Passion Fruit, Nutmeg, Grapefruit, & Blackcurrant

A rare single origin variety known for its use in the World Barista Championships.

This is a medium strength coffee in a 100% compostable capsule. Nespresso® compatible.

Each sleeve of coffee contains 10 capsules.

The world's best coffees

Coffee grown in Colombia. A hybrid between the Pacas variety from El Salvador and Maragogipe from Brazil. This coffee was first grown as a spontaneous mutation in Alfredo Pacas Trujillo’s father’s garden in El Salvador. It’s a rare variety often used in competitions by the world’s best baristas for its clarity and depth. Tasting notes of plum, passion fruit, nutmeg, grapefruit and blackcurrant.

In a way that's best for the world

Regular coffee capsules are difficult and expensive to recycle, so most of them end up in landfill. Halo’s innovative sugar cane and paper pulp capsules are 100% compostable so wherever they end up, they won’t be there long.

Halo Pacamara Halo Pacamara


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We are currently sold out, but don't panic! The next shipment is arriving in New Zealand from the UK the last weekend of September. Orders will be dispatched within 1-2 days of clearing customs. Orders are dispatched directly to you from Auckland.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Halo in any machine?

Halo is compatible with your Nespresso®️ Original Home systems. It is NOT compatible with Nespresso®️ Vertuoline, Nespresso®️ Professional, Keurig, Tassimo, Dolce Gusto or Lavazza systems. Please email if you have any compatibility questions.

2. My capsule is stuck in the machine

Once you use the capsule we recommend you immediately eject it from the machine, as suggested in your machine's operating instructions. The Halo capsules are made of completely organic, compostable components and therefore may expand slightly when exposed to water or pressure. If the capsule does become stuck, simply use the back of a teaspoon to release.

3. What do I do with used capsules?

Our Halo coffee pods are home compostable and conform to the EN13432 standard so it doesn’t matter where you throw them as they will naturally compost within 4 weeks, depending on atmospheric conditions, whether it be in your home compost bin or landfill. If you are feeling especially green, try planting some strawberry seeds into your Halo and put it into a plant pot or your garden as it’s a great natural fertiliser.

4. Can I recycle the packaging?

It would have been no use designing the world’s most sustainable coffee capsules if we then wrapped them in layers of toxic materials. So, we didn’t. When your order arrives, you can recycle the outer postal box. Then, when you’re done with everything else – the outer oxygen barrier wrap, Halo box, insert and sticky label can either be thrown in the compost with your used capsules or thrown into the recycling bin.

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